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This is the easiest, least tech-involved way to get you up and running and making money online on your legacy project.

As a Beta Tester, you will experience first hand how to create an online Legacy Project even if you have zero followers on social media and no desire to get into complicated tech.

Legacy Project

On completion As a beta Tester, you’ll :


Get clarity on Your Business Mission in Alignment with the type of Life you Want to Lead


Validate Your Niche and Ideas to Create a Profitable Online Business


Create a Step by Step Roadmap Designed for Results


Know how to Identify and Clear Your Limited Beliefs So that You Get rid of the Roadblocks Along the Way

What they say
about Me

Cynthia has made sure I don’t get overwhelmed with social media to stay focused on my expertise. She believes, like I do, that it’s important to share our talents and passions with others in a fun and exciting way. She keeps it simple! I know she’ll steer you in the right direction.
Alexandra Sosa
Event Planner
I love the subconscious reprogramming and emotional release technique Cynthia has shared with me. She’ll help you understand and clear negative beliefs that sabotage your progress to be more confident in your work. I’m grateful that I reached out to her because I truly believe in the power of the mind for success.
Melanie trickum
Transformational Coach

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